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Motivational Coaching Group for Women in Transition

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" Dr. Carp offers a women's motivational group that is wonderfully supportive and enjoyable. She provides a relaxing, comfortable environment where women are able to share their thoughts, ideas and even have a few good laughs. Dr. Carp shared with us evidence-based articles, insights, inspirational quotes, that reaffirmed our goals to learn how to deal with stress and life events/stressors! The group is both fun and informative as different viewpoints are presented and also refreshing, as we exchange new ways to enhance our lives. Dr. Carp is a gifted professional who provides a therapeutic holistic approach that is not easy to find!"

--- A 55 - year - old medical professional, Winchester, MA ---

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" I loved Dr. Carp’s motivational coaching group for women! For me personally, it was empowering to realize that I was not the only one struggling to redefine myself and my career in my  40’s. The participants  were women like me, needing redirection in life, and fresh ideas on how to connect with our inner selves. 

Dr. Carp coached us to learn to accept who we are, while reaching for our dreams. She nurtured a warm, casual atmosphere and provided with many tools and enriching perspectives. Her office is very cozy and comfortable. We were able to relax immediately there. 

We were introduced to meditation and we practiced meditation as a group. I never thought I could get into meditation! Now meditation is included in my daily routine and it does make me feel calmer, more optimistic, more flexible and objective, in life in general and in my relationships in particular. 

Dr. Carp would sent us informative and uplifting emails, with a wealth of suggestions for Free meditation I-phone Apps, Free online courses at Ivy League schools, relevant articles in positive psychology, helpful books for women in transition, and helpful information about professional courses and certifications. 

Without Dr. Carp's encouragement, support, generous and consistent guidance I wouldn't have been aware of so many wonderful resources and life changing opportunities that fit my personality like a glove.

Subsequently, I have completed three professional courses and obtained three certifications as a

1. Life Coach

2. Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Coach

3. Reiki Therapist.

Now I'm taking a free online non credit law course at Harvard and a free online nutrition course at Yale. 

Thanks to my participation to Dr. Carp's motivational coaching group for women in transition I have learned how to be a better, calmer, and wiser version of myself. Dr. Carp helped me to believe in myself again, to love and accept myself, and to develop the motivation to transform my life.

Above all, what made the greatest difference was Dr. Carp’s faith in me that I could change and discover my life purpose.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Carp!"

--- A 43 - year - old juris doctor, Winchester, MA ---

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