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Colleague and Peer Reviews

" Dr. Carp is a thoughtful and multi-faceted professional. I have known her for a number of years and was always impressed by her ability and willingness to use varied theoretical orientations to make sense of a patient's presentation. Her knowledge of medical interventions combined with her ability to think and work therapeutically make her an excellent resource." 

--- Nicole Jones, PsyD, Winchester, MA 

" I never ceased to be impressed by Dr. Carp's commitment to providing the highest quality care to both children and adults. She is a compassionate, caring and skilled psychiatrist who is highly respected by her peers. Whenever she covers for my practice I know my patients are in excellent hands."

--- Philip Burke, MD, Brookline, MA ---

"I have known Dr. Carp for a number of years and she is not only professional but gives compassionate patient care. She is an asset to the field of psychiatry."

--- Michele Casoli Reardon, MD, North Shore, MA ---

"I have known Dr. Carp since our residency at Harvard. Dr. Carp was awarded the Golden Heart Award at graduation for outstanding clinical care to veterans. She is now double board certified in Adult and Child Psychiatry, in private practice. Throughout the years, I have been impressed with the compassionate, sensitive care she provides to her patients. I strongly recommend Dr. Carp for the doctor's choice award."

--- Avi Friedlich, MD, Boston, MA ---

"I would like to recommend Dr. Ruxandra Carp. Dr. Carp is a wonderful practitioner who is able to discern the source of clients’ problems quickly and then formulate reasonable strategies for treatment. Clients appreciate Dr. Carp's relaxed and nonjudgmental manner; they often remark to me how comfortable they feel in her presence. This combination of precise and efficient diagnostic and treatment skills and a welcoming personal style make Dr. Carp an ideal individual to work with. I recommend Dr. Carp without reservation. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information."    


--- David Margolis, LICSW, Winchester, MA ---

 “There are many reasons why Dr. Carp is the first psychiatrist I recommend to all of my patients for their psychopharmacology needs. She is one of the few psychiatrists in private practice that accepts BCBS and Tufts insurance plans. In addition, she uses keen clinical intuition in both her conceptualization and treatment planning of her patients’ problems. Dr. Carp is also an excellent collaborator with patients’ families, other healthcare providers, and schools. She utilizes a holistic approach to ensure that all aspects of one’s life has been considered in her assessment and treatment of her patients. Furthermore, she is personable and builds rapport quite easily with children and adolescents. It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Carp for anyone seeking comprehensive psychiatric evaluation or treatment.”

--- Gerry Foo, PhD, Lexington, MA  ---

"I highly recommend Dr. Carp, as a very skilled, thoughtful, dedicated and compassionate psychiatrist."

--- Mark Strecker, MD, Lexington, MA ---

"Dr. Ruxandra Carp is a skilled psychiatrist who continues to forge excellent relationships with her clients, and I highly recommend her as a clinician. Clients that we share have expressed to me their positive experiences, trust in her guidance, and a feeling of truly being heard. In addition to being an excellent collaborator with other clinicians, I continue to refer clients to Dr. Carp, knowing that my clients will receive top notch care."

--- Kevin Kozin, MTS, LICSW , Lexington, MA ---

"​As a psychotherapist, I refer to Dr. Carp very often because of her expert knowledge, attention to detail, and excellent communication with clients. She is professional, kind, well-liked, and an expert at psychopharmacology."

--- Karen Capraro, MEd LICSW, Winchester, MA ---

"Dr. Carp is a thoughful and caring psychiatrist. She clearly takes great care in thinking beyond immediate presentation of her clients and has mentioned a number of different approaches that she takes (based on the need of client and evidence for intervention). I have met her in the context of an academic conference, at a couple of workshops and we collaborated on a reflective article. We also discussed and compared clinical practice."

--- Omer Mogrhaby, MD, London, England ---

"Starting when she lived in Chicago, I have followed Dr. Ruxandra Carp's career closely. I know of no psychiatrist who has a greater combination of therapeutic skill (empathy, understanding, and tact) and intelligence. As a result, she is outstanding in her ability to provide a variety of forms of treatment, including psychotherapy, and medication management."

--- James Anderson, PhD, Chicago, Il ---

"I have only had the pleasure to interact with Dr. Carp within the virtual LinkedIn space, but judging by the thoughtfulness, kindness and common sense that transpired from her very frequent LinkedIn contributions and also from our personal interaction, beside the impression arising from her impressive academic achievement, work experience and credentials so far, I am delighted to recommend her for the Doctor's Choice Award."

--- Claudiu Carmaciu, MD, London, England ---

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