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Colleague and Peer Reviews

" Dr. Carp is a thoughtful and multi-faceted professional. I have known her for a number of years and was always impressed by her ability and willingness to use varied theoretical orientations to make sense of a patient's presentation. Her knowledge of medical interventions combined with her ability to think and work therapeutically make her an excellent resource." 

--- Nicole Jones, PsyD, Winchester, MA 

" I never ceased to be impressed by Dr. Carp's commitment to providing the highest quality care to both children and adults. She is a compassionate, caring and skilled psychiatrist who is highly respected by her peers. Whenever she covers for my practice I know my patients are in excellent hands."

--- Philip Burke, MD, Brookline, MA ---

"I have known Dr. Carp for a number of years and she is not only professional but gives compassionate patient care. She is an asset to the field of psychiatry."

--- Michele Casoli Reardon, MD, North Shore, MA ---

"I would like to recommend Dr. Ruxandra Carp. Dr. Carp is a wonderful practitioner who is able to discern the source of clients’ problems quickly and then formulate reasonable strategies for treatment. Clients appreciate Dr. Carp's relaxed and nonjudgmental manner; they often remark to me how comfortable they feel in her presence. This combination of precise and efficient diagnostic and treatment skills and a welcoming personal style make Dr. Carp an ideal individual to work with. I recommend Dr. Carp without reservation. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information."    


--- David Margolis, LICSW, Winchester, MA ---

"I highly recommend Dr. Carp, as a very skilled, thoughtful, dedicated and compassionate psychiatrist."

--- Mark Strecker, MD, Lexington, MA ---

"Dr. Ruxandra Carp is a skilled psychiatrist who continues to forge excellent relationships with her clients, and I highly recommend her as a clinician. Clients that we share have expressed to me their positive experiences, trust in her guidance, and a feeling of truly being heard. In addition to being an excellent collaborator with other clinicians, I continue to refer clients to Dr. Carp, knowing that my clients will receive top notch care."

--- Kevin Kozin, MTS, LICSW , Lexington, MA ---

"​As a psychotherapist, I refer to Dr. Carp very often because of her expert knowledge, attention to detail, and excellent communication with clients. She is professional, kind, well-liked, and an expert at psychopharmacology."

--- Karen Capraro, MEd LICSW, Winchester, MA ---

"Dr. Carp is a thoughful and caring psychiatrist. She clearly takes great care in thinking beyond immediate presentation of her clients and has mentioned a number of different approaches that she takes (based on the need of client and evidence for intervention). I have met her in the context of an academic conference, at a couple of workshops and we collaborated on a reflective article. We also discussed and compared clinical practice."

--- Omer Mogrhaby, MD, London, England ---

"Starting when she lived in Chicago, I have followed Dr. Ruxandra Carp's career closely. I know of no psychiatrist who has a greater combination of therapeutic skill (empathy, understanding, and tact) and intelligence. As a result, she is outstanding in her ability to provide a variety of forms of treatment, including psychotherapy, and medication management."

--- James Anderson, PhD, Chicago, Il ---

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