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Patient Testimonials


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" I contacted Dr. Carp because I was looking for a holistic approach to healing, using medication and therapy. It turned out to be an excellent decision. Before seeing Dr. Carp I had been under the care of a different psychiatrist who treated my anxiety solely with medications. Since I am very sensitive to medication in general, I did not think that treatment was working for me. I have found Dr. Carp to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Carp provides a comfortable environment for discussing issues. She provides alternate points of view to situations and problems. I am currently on a minimal amount of medicine and have been taught alternative approaches to handling stress, that have helped me have a better relationship with my family and friends. I highly recommend her."

--- A 49 - year - old start up executive, Boston, MA ---


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" Dr. Carp is a highly qualified psychiatrist who works with children, adolescents and adults.  She is warm, friendly, approachable and very likeable.  I brought my teenage daughter to meet with her and upon the first visit she was immediately at ease. Dr. Carp's office is filled with books, beautiful art pieces and inviting aromatherapy. Her working space is comfortable and has a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Dr. Carp began our first session asking questions and creating a background file.  She has a true gift for listening and relating.  She interjects humor, makes connections using her experiences while building a strong, trusting relationship with her patients.

Dr. Carp explained her philosophy and her approach to psychotherapy. She took the time to make sure we understood her approach and continually asked if we had any questions. She is extremely organized and prepared for every session.  She has recommended books to my daughter as well as encouraged her to integrate yoga and meditation into her schedule to help her deal with stressful situations.

I was very impressed with her knowledge of medications.  She explained a variety of medications that might be an option for my daughter, how they work in the brain and what results we could expect from taking the medication.   Dr. Carp recommended weekly appointments would be the most beneficial in conjunction with a mild dosage medication. My daughter is happier than I’ve seen her in a very long time.  She is making huge progress and looks forward to every upcoming appointment with Dr. Carp."

--- The Mother of a 17 - year - old  high school student, Winchester, MA ---

                                                                                                          * * *

"Dr. Carp has helped me tremendously with my anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, ADHD, and work ethic. When I started treatment with her I was on an educational leave of absence. Under her competent and compassionate care I was able to return to college. Dr. Carp always is looking out for my best interest and has helped me organize my life for the better."

--- A 21 - year - old college student, Winchester, MA ---

                                                                                                       * * *

" Dr. Carp is very sophisticated, competent, and committed to making a difference. My 15 - year - old daughter suffered a soccer related concussion, that had a huge impact on her mood, concentration, motivation, memory, and capacity to do school work. We searched for a child psychiatrist for a while. As soon as we talked to Dr. Carp, we were both convinced that she was the right one. Dr. Carp, with her devoted commitment, coached my daughter to stay motivated and organized to complete all her school work during the summer. As a result, my daughter was back on track for the following  school year. 

Dr. Carp listens very carefully to everything you have to say, then explains in details every possible option available to you. She presents a detailed risk/ benefit analysis of each of the recommended medication and therapy options. She has incredible knowledge about medications and is a very conservative prescriber, aiming for the least invasive drugs, at the lowest dose that makes a difference.  Dr. Carp helped me as a parent tremendously to understand all the symptoms of my daughter's brain injury, in order to be more supportive towards my daughter. We worked as a team to get the best results. She replied to my emails right away and never hesitated to clarify things when I was confused. She answered promptly all my concerns. Not only I recommend Dr. Carp, but I also admire her for her genuine devotion to her clients."

--- The Mother of a 15 - year - old high school student, Beverly, MA ---


                                                                                             * * *

" Dr. Carp has been treating me for about 2 years. She is knowledgeable about medications and appropriate prescribing. I have seen a number of psychiatrists over the years and Dr. Carp has helped me more than any, by guiding me gently and making me think. Dr. Carp is smart, erudite, insightful, remarkably compassionate and professional. Unlike many other physicians she will give of herself and go the extra mile for you. I am a medical professional, too, and I know whereof I speak. You will not find a better physician..."

--- A 59 - year - old internal medicine physician, Boston, MA ---

                                                                                                          * * *

" I struggled to find a pediatric provider for my daughter -- particularly as she transitions through a difficult time in our family. At our first meeting with Dr. Carp, I was immediately struck by how she was able to connect to my daughter in a way that other providers had not. Her approach is tailored at the level of the child. During the discussion I noticed that as Dr. Carp gently explored, my daughter seemed completely unaware that this was a therapeutic interview. The interaction between the two was natural and easy. My child was happily chatting and, most fundamentally, opening up on the concerns that she is dealing with. Dr. Carp made both of us feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Without me even being aware of how she managed it, Dr. Carp was able in the first meeting to sketch out the broad outline of some of what my daughter was struggling with and also to provide some meaningful insights.

On a subsequent visit, I as parent met with Dr. Carp to provide additional history. Dr. Carp was engaging, interested, extremely knowledgeable and the consummate professional. She discussed some of the dynamics and history as relating to my daughter, and was able to provide a perspective that I as parent had missed. She also discussed several possible plans and therapeutic approaches and shared with me how she would interact with my daughter going forward. In fact, the consultation continued on for slightly longer than the allotted time, for which I was extremely appreciative and not expecting at all, particularly as it was the last consultation of the day. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Carp and am so thankful to have found her for my daughter."

--- The  Father of a 14 - year - old high school student, Winchester, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *    

" Choosing Dr. Carp as my psychiatrist has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Dr. Carp is not only a dedicated professional, but also a warm person. Everything, from the way she organizes her office to her own demeanor is welcoming and inviting. The experience of seeing her has been both helpful and pleasant. I am enjoying being exposed to an impressive range of techniques and options for dealing with challenges in graduate school and in my marriage. Dr. Carp offers in each session relevant information, delivered with a genuine regard for my wellbeing. I’ve been constantly impressed by how astute her observations are, how vast her knowledge, and how insightful the remarks and suggestions she offers. She is someone I not only get help from, but also a lot of inspiration for my personal and professional growth."

--- A 29 - year - old psychology graduate student, Arlington, MA ---

                                                                                                          * * *

" Dr. Carp did a wonderful job with my teenage daughter.  She was approachable, related to my daughter well, and helped her a lot with her ADHD and executive functioning issues. Her calming tone and methods helped defuse the tension in the family. I would highly recommend Dr. Carp to others."

--- The Mother of a 15  -year - old high school student, Belmont, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" After losing my wife tragically two years ago, I had found myself to be stuck in my career, and in my personal life. That was when I reached out to Dr. Carp.  Through our sessions, I was able to channel the inner strength that I already had. I learned that by taking care of my whole self, I was able to create a launching pad for my dreams to take off. Only four months after working with Dr. Carp I have developed the confidence to make two important decisions: I became engaged to the woman of my dreams, and I switched jobs to a new exciting position, that is a huge promotion in my career path.  Dr. Carp's methods opened me to the wealth of creative power we all have to transform ourselves, to take action, and to fully live."

--- A 45 - year - old  writer, Lexington, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" Making that first phone call is not easy. I often think asking for help is indeed one of the hardest statements to make. Contacting Dr. Carp and getting a warm, empathetic voice on the other end of the phone was more than I could have hoped for. Engaging in a trusting and helping relationship has been truly rewarding. The serenity of her office and true belief in my goals makes doing the work towards my plan of care all the more worth it. I cannot say enough positive things. Having a doctor that cares not only about clients but also about their goals and treatment progress is a blessing."

--- A 30 - year - old social worker, Burlington, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" Ever since my first session with Dr. Carp approximately 6 months ago, I have felt a very strong sense of trust communicating my feelings with her. Without a doubt, I still stand by that to this day. She does an outstanding job with both medication management and therapy. I had originally met with her solely for a medication evaluation, but during the session I felt a revived sense of belief in therapy. That was a huge relief. My previous therapy experiences left me feeling empty in many ways. Over the past 6 months I feel that the state of my mental health has substantially improved, and we are continuing to better my understanding of myself. Ultimately, I would recommend Dr. Carp to anyone in need of therapeutic and/ or medication management."

--- A 33 - year - old  wireless network manager, Cambridge, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *  

" I talked to many different doctors before deciding to see Dr. Carp. One of my main concerns was that, if I started medication and/or therapy, that would become a lifetime of treatment, like I've seen with so many others. This just wasn't the case with Dr. Carp. I could tell early on that she was genuinely interested in not only helping me get through the issues that I was dealing with, but also in giving me the tools needed, so that in the future I would be equipped to get through issues on my own. Dr. Carp takes you through each session with ease and is able to provide insights on how to cope with difficult situations. As a result, not only I was able to work successfully on my marriage, but also to return to college. The most valuable part of treatment with Dr. Carp is that she really does have so much helpful information to share and she helps get you to a place where you feel completely confident in taking on the future." 

--- A 25 - year - old college student, Lexington, MA ---


                                                                                             * * *

" Thank you Dr. Carp for all your time during your consultations with me. You really made me feel like you sincerely cared, by extending your compassion and warmth. You made me feel important. I never felt rushed. I appreciate the collaborative and comprehensive treatment plan that we have developed and adjusted over time. All your recommendations for medication and therapy have been right on the money...The medications you have put me on are so helpful. I used to struggle with anxiety, irritability, anger, unstable romantic relationships, depression, and insomnia. I am in a happy place now. You definitely know your field!  All in all, thank you so much Dr. Carp! I look forward to seeing you for future visits!"

--- A 37 - year - old marketing professional, Boston, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

​" When I met Dr. Carp I felt immediately at ease. Her office environment is Zen-like as is her practice. She brings in an intelligent and empathic understanding of human behavior along with multiple tools to help center one's mind and body, from meditation to behavioral therapy. I left relaxed and with clarity I hadn't had before."

--- A 35 - year - old  business professional, Arlington, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" I owe many thanks to Dr. Carp!  My 14 years old daughter, who has been suffering from illness for more than two years, needed help with the stress and anxiety that came with it.  We had been to some other therapists and found them to be judgmental and offering to help in a very basic, inflexible way.  Dr. Carp offered different techniques and listened to my daughter, understanding that "one size does not fit all".  My daughter leaves her sessions feeling better and hopeful in managing her illness. We also like that Dr. Carp shares her experiences and genuinely cares for our daughter. We are in good hands with Dr. Carp!"

--- The Mother of a 14 - year - old high school student, Lexington, MA ---                         

                                                                                             * * *

" Dr. Carp offers a women's motivational group that is wonderfully supportive and enjoyable. She provides a relaxing, comfortable environment where women are able to share their thoughts, ideas and even have a few good laughs. Dr. Carp shared with us evidence-based articles, insights, inspirational quotes, that reaffirmed our goals to learn how to deal with stress and life events/stressors! The group is both fun and informative as different viewpoints are presented and also refreshing, as we exchange new ways to enhance our lives. Dr. Carp is a gifted professional who provides a therapeutic holistic approach that is not easy to find!"

--- A 55 - year - old medical professional, Winchester, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *
" I am 16 years old and I have been in treatment with Dr. Carp for almost 3 months. Dr. Carp is a very kind, caring, understanding, and helpful woman. I really enjoy meeting with her and I love to hear her advice. I already see some improvements within myself. I am learning how to cope with annoying people, let things go, and take a deep breath. When I'm inpatient I feel like I am not making progress. Dr. Carp always reassures me that everything takes time. She encourages me to stick to my improvements with an open mind and lots of positivity. Whenever I bring up something silly that bothers me, Dr. Carp gives me a different perspective and helps me gain insight of how unimportant the things I worry about are. This is very helpful to me because I tend to let every little thing bother me ...  In only 3 months of therapy I find myself being a much happier person. I am stepping out of my bubble and hanging out with my friends more, making new friends, trying new things, and smiling a lot. I feel like everything Dr. Carp brings to the table just makes so much sense and it’s awesome! I would definitely recommend Dr. Carp, she is the best."

--- A 16 - year - old high school student, Lexington, MA ---        


                                                                                             * * *

" My experience with Dr. Carp has been very rewarding. She has worked with me on many issues I am having and has guided me in the right direction in each one. She is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and an excellent listener. She does not judge, which is very comforting. Working with her is like going through tough times with a very smart and helpful friend at your side. I would recommend anyone in need of psychiatry to give her a call. She is also very available whether its by email or needing an emergency visit. Her office is adorable and has such a relaxing feel to it. Her entire approach is easy and calming."

--- A 28 - year - old  medical professional, Billerica, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" I have never written a
doctor review before.  But after four years and three previous psychiatrists/psychologists, I believe that I have finally found a competent, intelligent professional, who is both adaptive and focused on my well-being.  She's a good listener, and I trust her judgment."  

--- A 63 year - old - teacher, Arlington, MA ---​

                                                                                             * * *​​

"I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Carp – your search for a compassionate, family-focused psychiatrist is over. Dr. Carp is very intelligent and passionate about her work. My husband and I searched extensively for a Psychiatrist that could service all of our family’s needs when we moved from New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  We visited with several psychiatrists who either rushed us right in and out of their offices or who wanted to completely change all of our children’s medications within the first five minutes of the appointment. This left us confused, disheartened and concerned that we wouldn’t find the right practitioner.  It was as if the universe heard our pleas for help because we knew from the first minute of our first session with Dr. Carp that we had found the perfect mental health practitioner for our family’s needs.
Dr. Carp’s office envelopes you in a calm, soothing environment conducive to healing so that you can gently release any fear and anxiety and settle into a therapeutic conversation with her.  We sink into her comfortable armchairs in front of the fireplace and feel safe. It’s like visiting a “mental spa”. During our initial session she shared with us her education, her philosophy and her enthusiasm for working with families. 

Dr. Carp takes as much time as needed to identify if medication is appropriate and if so what will work best.  She readily communicates potential side effects so that her patients are aware of what to expect. ​In instances where she was prescribing for one of my children, she “read the mood” in the office to ensure that it was appropriate for her to share details of side effects and would certainly hold back if she sensed it would make the child anxious to hear them. As a family we all feel that Dr. Carp hears and considers all our concerns. We always leave the sessions with new tools in our virtual toolkit to apply to life’s challenges."

--- The Mother of 10, 11, 15, 16 -year-old middle and high school students, Newton, MA ---

                                                                                             * * * 

" Dr. Carp listens, validates my feelings, gives me feedback, and always supports me. She encourages meditation, yoga, exercise, and other alternatives or supplements to medication. She is very bright and carefully monitors medication. She shares information and websites which she believes will interest you, as well as help you gain a better understanding of a topic. Her office is bright, comfortable, and immaculate. Dr. Carp has a wonderful sense of humor and a beautiful Romanian accent which adds to her charm. I believe she is my Angel."  

--- A 37 - year - old teacher, Winchester, MA --- 

                                                                                             * * *

"Dr. Carp is a professional and loves what she does. She truly cares about her patients and takes the time to understand the problems plaguing her clients. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with anxiety, depression, or any other malaise."

--- A 52 - year - old manager, Stoneham, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

"I owe Dr. Carp a heartfelt thank you for giving me my life back and for helping heal my family as well. I was struggling with depression and anxiety and it came to a head after a big life change. I was completely debilitated by it and unable to function adequately in my daily life. I was extremely hesitant to explore treatment in mental health but after much coaxing I agreed to try a session or two. I began doing my research into finding a Psychiatrist I would be willing to try. I called and emailed Dr. Carp and received a response immediately. She was able to accommodate me right away.

I was reluctant and unsure of how my first session would go with Dr. Carp. I found her to be engaging, open, warm, receptive, and willing to proceed according to my needs and desires. I also discovered that she was extremely knowledgeable in the area of Psychiatry and treatment modalities. My husband works in the mental health field and I have high standards for the type of therapist I was willing to work with. I appreciated that she did not push medication as a means to resolve the problems I was experiencing. She understood that the whole body and mind must be treated and that multiple treatment modalities may be required.

Dr. Carp is dynamic, fluid, explorative, nurturing, yet assertive when it is necessary. She has great active listening skills and a strong ability to take in large amounts of information and conceptualize it into coherent and manageable statements. She has given me many useful and insightful exercises to do to improve my quality of life and the life of my loved ones. The tools, the insight, and the knowledge she has shared with me are invaluable.

My family and I are functioning much better. Anxiety is a beast and can rob us of the joys of life. My anxiety was affecting my family and now that I am better able to deal with anxiety, I have seen that my children also experience less anxiety as well. I have to admit that I probably played a major role in the anxiety my children were experiencing. The past 6 months with Dr. Carp has transformed my life. I have energy, I have focus, I have joy, and I have my life back. I would, without reservation, highly recommend Dr. Carp as a Psychiatrist."

--- A 48 - year - old professional, Winchester, MA  --- 


                                                                                             * * *

" Dr. Carp provides informed, insightful and compassionate care. She listens well, but interjects at appropriate times. She also has a great sense of humor, no small feat in her field. I am a physician myself and I find that she uses her extensive clinical knowledge with skill and aplomb. Moreover, she goes the extra mile--she has contacted me " after hours" to assist me at times, yet is not intrusive.

It was easy to make an initial appointment with her and to schedule further appointments. She stays on schedule without rushing you. She responds to inquiries in a timely fashion. Her office is clean, bright and even therapeutic. In a relatively short time, Dr. Carp has helped me greatly. I can't recommend her highly enough."

--- A 60 - year - old emergency medicine physician, Boston, MA ---                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                             * * *

" I loved Dr. Carp’s motivational coaching group for women. It was so empowering to realize that I was not alone, struggling to redefine myself and my career in my  40’s. The participants  were women my age, like me, needing redirection in life, and fresh ideas on how to connect with our inner selves and how to learn to accept who we are while reaching for our dreams. We were introduced to meditation and we practiced meditation as a group. I never thought I could get into meditation! Now meditation is included in my daily routine and it does make me feel calmer, more optimistic, more flexible and objective, in life in general and in my relationships in particular. I am truly grateful for all the support and encouragement that Dr. Carp has provided me! Thanks to Dr. Carp I have learned how to be a better, calmer, and wiser version of myself. She helped me to believe in myself again and develop the motivation to change. Above all, what made the greatest difference was Dr. Carp’s faith in me that I could change and discover my life purpose."

--- A 43 - year - old juris doctor, Winchester, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" After a long search I am very glad I found Dr. Carp.  I'm benefiting from the medication adjustments that she gradually made to address my long standing anxiety and mood lability. Her guidance and counseling have been extremely helpful to me in my life.  While I cannot go into details, I have had many challenging, affirming and insightful sessions and I look forward to more to come.  She has tailored her approach to meet my needs and has keep me interested in actively working on my personal goals. I find her office to be a warm and comforting place.  After some very, very hard days it is a quiet area that is soothing to my often frazzled nerves.  I gladly recommend her services."

--- A 45 - year - old computer scientist, Wilmington, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" I have seen a great deal of psychiatrists and therapists for my PTSD, which I've been dealing with for about a decade now. I've gone through so many different combinations of pills that I don't even remember half of them. Each doctor I went to would always misdiagnose me with Bipolar, even though my original and current diagnosis was for PTSD. Therefore, none of the prescriptions ever worked and I eventually gave up and didn't see any psychiatrists for 5 years.

Recently, my PTSD spiked again and I needed help fast. I searched for psychiatrists in my area and found Dr. Carp, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Dr. Carp is an amazing listener. Instead of a stereotypical "Mmhmm...I see." psychiatrist, she actually engages you in conversation. No mental health doctor has ever sympathized with my situation. They were always very textbook and distant, but Dr. Carp is empathetic and understanding, while still being completely professional; she really knows her stuff!

Since I haven't had the best experiences with medication, we thoroughly discussed my options and she explained each and every pill to me so that we could make the best decision. Now I have a fantastic combination of pills that have greatly helped me through this hard time. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. "

--- A 26 - year - old client, Winchester, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *

" Dr. Carp is a great  listener and is able to connect with my teenage child more than other doctor's have. My child and Dr. Carp have a wonderful relationship between them, which has helped my child better absorb the advice being given."
--- The Father of a 16 - year - old high school student , Belmont, MA ---
​                 * * *
​​" I recently moved to Massachusetts and I was looking for a psychiatrist who could help me with my ADHD.  I am relatively functional but have had ADHD most of my life.  In my professional and personal life I have interacted with many psychiatrists and have learned to look for someone who understands and cares. Dr. Carp is exceptionally kind, compassionate and knowledgeable.  

Unlike other psychiatrists who seem to be anxious to write a prescription and move on to the next patient, Dr. Carp has really taken the time to get to know me.  She has often stayed late to talk to me when I needed it and has always been available to help me when problems arise. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Carp and I wholeheartedly recommend her."
--- A 40 -year - old scientist, Concord, MA ---                                                                                     


                                                                                             * * * 

"Up to date knowledge is key in a psychiatrist. But I believe that feeling your psychiatrist's empathy and genuine desire to make a difference in your life is essential for healing. Knowledge can be acquired, looked up in a book, but the capacity to hear with the heart is more a part of the person. For me, in a psychiatrist, both aspects are equally important. Dr. Carp offers a perfect combination of both."

--- A 40 - year - old teacher, Lexington, MA ---                                                                                           


                                                                                             * * *


" Working with Dr. Carp has been great because she really makes you feel comfortable talking to her. She genuinely listens and helps your work through whatever is on your mind. That said, it took us only two hour-long visits to decide that a prescription for Fluoxetine would be the best option for me. At first, I was apprehensive to taking it because I thought that getting medication meant I was a "head case" or that I had ‘issues’ when really, everyone does. Taking medication was the best choice for me because it helped bring my anxiety levels down to where I could effectively use techniques learned in therapy in my everyday life. I recommend taking medication if you feel you need to, and I highly recommend seeing Dr. Carp for both medication management and talk therapy."

--- 18 year old college student, Belmont, MA ---                                                                                                    

                                                                                             * * *

" PTSD is cunning and tricky. I had juggled fear, anxiety attacks, nightmares, and subsequent depression for many years. Prior to seeing Dr. Carp I had been medicated by my PCP with only partial relief. Dr. Carp came to me with super recommendations and she has not disppointed. Her attentive and discerning listening and her quick recall of key elements of my story are only some of Dr. Carp's compelling traits. I'm impressed with her astute attention to science and humanity. Dr. Carp is skillfully prescribing me a complex regimen of medications, which I tolerate without any adverse effects. Now I sleep deeply and without nightmares and I function much better during the day. I have become a much more resourceful man. I did not accomplish this alone. This is to Dr. Carp's credit.  I endorse her enthusiastically. "

--- A 63 - year - old teacher, Boston, MA ---

                                                                                             * * *